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Distribution of long-term and short-term diaphragm pacemakers manufactured by

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NeuRx™ Diaphragm Pacing System

The NeuRx™ DPS system was developed to offer patients with a paraplegic injury an alternative to the permanent use of a ventilator. The NeuRx™ DPS allows these patients to breathe independently and reliably prevents complications associated with mechanical ventilation, such as pneumonia. The ventilation triggered by electrical stimulation mimics natural breathing.


The TransAeris™ System is a temporary diaphragm pacemaker for the treatment and prevention of VIDD (Ventilator Induced Diaphragm Dysfunction) a condition that often occurs after long surgical procedures where the nerve (phrenic nerve) has been traumatized resulting in prolonged mechanical ventilation. The system can be used for up to 30 days for prevention and treatment of VIDD and is designed to facilitate faster and easier weaning of patients requiring mechanical ventilation.

Orderable accessories

  • NeuRx DPS Accessories

    Fastening patch (Connector Holder Kit)

    58,00  excl.

    The fastening patches are used to hold and securely fasten the connection plug of the NeuRx DPS system and are adhered to the skin. The fastening patches are supplied in packaging units of 30 pieces each and are changed as required (soiling).

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  • NeuRx DPS Accessories

    Patient cable

    67,00  excl.

    The patient cable connects the connector plug to the stimulator and transmits the electrical signal from the stimulator to the electrodes. If there is visible external damage, the patient cable should be replaced as a precaution. The patient cables can be reordered individually.

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